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Chicago Metallic Corporation Types of Products

Chicago Metallic Corporation - CMC is a globally recognized provider of architectural building products, which include a wide array of metal ceilings, ceiling and drywall suspension systems.

Rockfon Types of Products

Rockfon and Chicago Metallic are now part of the same family. In October of 2013, Rockfon purchased CMC from the Jahn Family in Chicago. Rockfon is a subsidiary of Rockwool International and have a beautiful line of acoustical panels that are easy to install, durable, protect from noise and the spread of fire, while making a construction contribution towards a sustainable future. “At Rockfon create and protect is what we do, and it’s inspired by you.”

Fry Reglet Corporation Types of Products

Fry is the leading producer of drywall and plaster moldings. Our other products include The Graph Wall System, Column Covers, Acoustical Metal Baffles and Walls, Glazing Track System and FCP Reveals (fiber cement panel trims)

Norton Ceilings, Inc. Types of Products

Norton offers a complete line of Wood Wall and Ceiling products, Luminous Ceilings, including baffles, skylites and Acryliblock and Pretense Canopies including Multiwall, Solids and Cassettes.

Plasterform Types of Products

PlasterForm is one the leading manufacturing of architectural casting manufacturer’s in the world today. Visit our website for a information on GRG, GFRC, FRP and Castone products.

AVL Systems Types of Products

Offers a complete line of fabric wrapped acoustical wall and ceiling panels, Banners, Acoustech Bafflers, Diffuser Panels, Fresco Wall and Ceiling Panels, Studio File, Binary Panels, Wood Diffusers, Tone Wood, Acoustishell and Wood Wall and Ceiling Panels. Visit our website today. “Hear and Feel the Difference” in AVL products